Cranberry is unique yet very versatile, and it has a lot of health benefits which is why it is incorporated in medicine, and most people also love to include it in their diet. Below are the health benefits of cranberry juice.

Prevention Of Urinary Tract Infections

This comes as the first point because most people are quite familiar with this benefit. If you have certain microorganisms in your urine that are more that the amount considered normal, then you are said to have a urinary tract infection. Research shows that cranberry juice has got proanthocyanidins which help to stop bacteria from attaching to the cells found on the bladder’s walls. Further multiplication of this bacteria is prevented. Increasing your intake of cranberry juice will help to prevent urinary tract infections. It is, however, worth noting that cranberry juice does not treat these infections, it only helps to prevent them.

Fights Cancer

Cranberry juice contains proanthocyanidins which help to stop the growth of cancer cells. Cranberry also contains carcinogenic substances that play a great part in inhibiting cancer cell growth. This is especially for those cancer cells that bring about cancer of the large intestine or the prostate. Regular intake of cranberry juice can prevent tumors from growing and also prevents any further multiplication of cancer cells that would lead to breast cancer.


The influenza virus causes inflammation in the lungs. Cranberry juice possesses anti-inflammatory properties which can be very effective in bringing to a halt the inflammation that this virus causes in the lungs. A substance present in cranberry juice that experts refer to as NDM keeps the virus from attaching itself to cells and this, in turn, helps to fight any flu infection.

Prevents Peptic ulcers

Peptic ulcers come about as a result of a kind of bacteria referred to as Helicobacter pylori. Helicobacter pylori launch attacks on the layer that protects the duodenum which is that start of the ileum as well as the stomach. The result of this is inflammation. Cranberry juice which is rich in flavonoids can help to prevent the occurrence of peptic ulcers because it does not favor the growth of Helicobacter pylori. For suppression of this infection, it is advisable to increase the intake of cranberry juice.


Scurvy is a disease brought about by the lack of vitamin C in the body. Cranberry juice is a great source of vitamin C which is fundamental in formation of collagen. Collagen is important for proper functioning of body tissues.